KYC offers classical hatha yoga classes in alignment, restorative and flow. All classes are based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, often referred to as the greatest living yoga teacher. His seminal work, “Light on Yoga”, is the number one selling yoga book in the world. He is famous for his precise teaching method and emphasis on correct movement and proper alignment. He also pioneered the use of props like blankets, blocks, and straps to facilitate learning, for safety, and to adjust for individual differences.

Alignment Yoga (taught at different levels):

Level 1 (beginner’s):
This is the foundational level or where you learn to stand correctly on your own two feet.

Introduction to the fundamentals of posture and correct muscular action with emphasis on the standing poses. (usually here a few series). These poses will build strength, improve your balance and increase flexibility. Props will be used to modify poses if necessary so students of all abilities can join.

Multi-level 1&2:
Completion of beginner’s level necessary. Further refinement of standing poses and holding longer to build stamina. Transitional level where simple seated and prone poses are introduced. Introduction to shoulder stand and prep work for other inversions begins.

Level 2:
Completion of the previous levels and a solid at home practice. Introduction to a theme practice like backbends, seated forward bends and twists. Beginning arm balances and supported head stand.

Multi-Level 2&3:
Completion of previous levels necessary. Another transitional level where you continue to refine your previous levels work while transitioning to the next level. More difficult backbends and seated forward bends. Work on balancing in head stand.

Level 3:
Completion of previous levels & further refinement of all of the above. Working on increasing time in unsupported head balance and other inversions and pushing up unsupported into a full back bend.

Flow Yoga (vinyasa) :

Poses flow from one to another with a simple sun salute as the base. Studio heated more than normal so muscles easily stretch. Recommended to know your common standing poses and a simple sun salute.

Restorative Yoga (deep relaxation) :

This class is a quieter practice to promote deep relaxation. It is more about being than doing. Although most of the poses are supported students should already have yoga experience. 


  • 1. Classes are on-going and taught as 8 week series.
  • 2. No drop-ins allowed for new students at level 1 (beginner’s).
  • 3. Drop-ins are welcome at all levels with appropriate experience.
  • 4. Classes missed can be made-up at other same level classes within the current series.
  • 5. Series are non-extendable, non-refundable and non-transferable